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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 28, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> breaking news, stunning un set in the senate. arizona senator john mccain votes against repealing part of the affordable care act. he's one of three republicans that broke rang with the party it has been a dramatic night in the nation's capitol. so yes, this was a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. >> swift reaction from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who introduced the bill yesterday. overnight president trump reacted to the defeat on twitter. we'll have that for you, plus
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reaction from some of the local leaders. >> and our other top stories, the weather, storm scan3 shows it is clear right now, but in just a few hours, women it will start raining, and raining hard, in fact, the flashflood warning is in effect for parts, a watch, i know this is technical, because katie gives me the evil eye here, for part of the area beginning this afternoon, she here to tell fuss it will be a weekends wash out. today is friday, july 28th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. meisha is off today. can katie and i just try to keep in you line? >> weather watch. i know how particular, very atlantic city tiff glike it is , there are definitely specifics. >> what's going on over here? >> traffic wise, a lot of construction in the area, but, so far quiet for a friday morning. >> yes, i won't be shocked if those guys start picking up the cones somewhat early. because we will be dealing with pretty soaking rain later today. time that out, i think it is generally going to hold off. the heaviest rain anyway, the most widespread rain, until
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early evening. now, you are going to see some scattered showers. much like what you currently do. most of us are still, again, quote unquote, in the clear right now, but you are finding even low hanging cloud cover, that could trip you up when it comes to some visibility, generally somewhat scattered, that dense fog, but it is out there. so, just watch for that. but, also, again, you may be flicking the windshields wipers hands full of times, very steamy and moisture laden atmosphere setting up before the storm actually get here. here is the flashflood watch. really just difference in the technicality here, jim, the fact that a watch is that it is highly possible, that flashflood willing go on, when it does get up great today a warning, which i don't doubt at all. it will mean it is imminent. >> so i'm predicting it ahead of time? >> and eventually i have a feeling this will turn over. but yes, as of 2:00 p.m., it goes into effect, southern half of the area. quick check, 72 degrees at the airport, only 59 mount pocono, not bad. sixty-nine in atlantic city, but again pat of course that rain on the the way, we'll
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time it out more specifically. >> did you see the dress katie is wearing? she is poking us because she knows it will rain with those umbrellas on there. >> could you change that word, plows? >> you know what i mean. let's go to traffic, shall we? a look at 59 southbound at pastas twier -- tasker, people driving through an accident, that's not the way to do it, so just be aware when you come through this area, southbound near tasker, two left lanes are sword of block off, at least they should be, the schuylkill, construction, looks like it has just cleared out of the way between gulph mills and belmont. pick up the cones. that's good sign. looks like traffic is moving at a nice clip. here on the pa turnpike, a lot of construction to talk about, eastbound before valley forge. then westbound, past norristown, then on the northeast extension, that's southbound the ramp to the pa turnpike going westbound, then new jersey, garden state parkway, some construction there, as well, we will tell but that in just a couple every minute, jim, back to you >> being that you, pat. breaking news, the president's
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jen did a takes serious hit overnight as the senate turns down the skinny healthcare bill. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in the cbs-3 news center more on who voted against the bill. morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. just like the vote earlier this week to begin the debate republican healthcare republican, all eyes again on senator john mccain, now woe vote on so-called skinny healthcare bill. now he and two other republicans broke away from their party to vote against it >> cheers from a crowd of obama care supporters outside the capitol building responding to the news that the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act failed to pass. among the celebrant, senator bernie sanders who called it a big victory. >> tonight was a victory for the american people, it was a victory for 16 million people who would have been thrown off of healthcare. >> the amendment is not agreed >> after the 49 to 51 vote, senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell said his fight would come it an end for now. >> this is leerily a disappointing moment. now, imagine, many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. >> we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their healthcare. >> the pivotal moment in the dramatic all night debate came from senator john mccain, who joined fellow gop senators, susan collins every maine, lisa of alaska, from voting no >> shortly after on twitter, senator mccain defended his vote saying, quote, skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal and replace obama care with meaningful reform. president trump also tweeting out his reaction overnight saying in part, quote, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obama care implode, then
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deal. watch. >> republican senator pat toomey said he is disappointed with the vote. he says in part, quote, for the hundreds every thousands every pennsylvanians suffering from the higher costs and fewer choices caused bio baum a care's collapse, congress must not give up on repealing and replacing the failed healthcare law. meantime pennsylvania democratic senator bob casey says in part, quote, it is now time for democrats and republicans to work together on common sense solutions that will make our healthcare system more affordable, and bring down costs for families. i commends senator mccain for his courageous vote. according to the non-partisan congressional budget office, the bill voted on last night would have led to 60 million additional americans being uninsured by 2026. but for now live in the news center, i'm trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. of course there will be much more on the late night senate drama coming up on cbs this morning, that's at 7:00 right after "eyewitness news" this morning, right here on cbs-3.
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>> well, new this morning, authorities in philadelphia's fairmount neighborhood are investigating after rite aid store was robbed at gunpoint. this happened just before 1:00 r 20th street and fairmount avenue. police say the crooks got away with an unknown amount of money and cigarettes, fortunately, no one was hurt, so far, there is no word on any arrests. new castle county police arrest three suspect after a robbery turns into a gun battle in wilmington. investigators say it, all started on the 1100 block every west over road, around 7:00 last night. police say that is when an officer tried to stop a robbery suspect. the suspect pulled out a gun, and started firing at the officer. the officer shot back, and the suspects fled on foot. we the officer was able to take the suspect into custody, without any injury. the one was able to locate two suspect, who we believe are possibly involved in the initial robbery. >> now, police arrested the suspect at seven and greenhill , where they arrested
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the two other suspect, as well , no one was hurt. investigators in ohio are trying to figure out how the fireball ride at the center after deadly state fair accident passed multiple safety inspections. officials say 18 year old man died, seven other hurt, wednesday night, when the thrill ride seemed to break free from its housing, the fair is open, but all of the rides are closed for now. >> and a vigil was held outside a columbus ohio high school in memory of tyler jerrell, the victim of the accident. student gathered to celebrate and remember the 18 year old. jerrell rising senior at the time, made early commitment to the marines. authority say he was thrown into the air when the ride malfunctioned, and he fell to the grounds and died at the scene. >> the effect of the tragedy are widespread. here at home, parent and amuse ment park managers alike are paying closer attention to ride safety. and wildwood, morey's pier shutdown two rides, similar to the one at the center of the deadly accident, just as a precaution. at the delaware state fair, in kent county, rides are tested
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for safety by both state officials and private inspectors. the same goes for the timber fairgrounds in phoenixville. >> every day we inspect our rides, whether 10,000 come through, or two people come through. we inspect every single day, no ride opens until the inspection is done. >> in addition to morey's pier in wildwood, fares and amuse ment parks in california, oregon, minnesota and canada, also shutdown similar rides as a precaution. >> well, philadelphia police are investigating after a video surfaces on line of a brawl at a center city sips event. >> this happened wednesday night, just feet from the comcast center. police say around 3,000 people were taking part in the weekly happy hour event when several fight broke out. authority say six people were involved in the melee, and now , could face charges. >> when the officer got into the crowd, they didn't see the fight, starting to disperse, but if someone is assaulted and want to come forward, hey, i got punched in the jaw, we will be happy to take the
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report. we don't wand to leave stones un turned here. >> now, center city district, the organization that runs sips, released a statement that reads in part: the the c cd regrets in a inapropriate behavior by sick individuals in a 20-second incident that disrupt add relaxing after- work event at one of the 90 participating venues last evening has cast a shadow on a highly successful pro meisha until event that hundreds every thousands every guess haves enjoyed for more than 11 years. police will keep an eye on this otherwise harmless event. dozens of fire fighters hawaii battling a fire close to home. update on their effort to get it under control. >> also ahead, new jersey governor chris christie responding to the fall-out from these photos. do you remember these? showing him and his family, relaxing on a closed beach earlier this month. well, hear what he has to say now about the criticism, and how it is impacting his family >> and we'll show you more of this dramatic rescue in missouri.
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several people had to be rescued from rising flood waters. coming right back. stay with
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>> we're back on "eyewitness news" with dozens every fire fighters had a we we at link winds fueled brush fire. that will fire is dangerously close to homes. so far no evacuation orders are in place, several
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residents and voluntary tarly left the area because of the smoke. fire 50% contained, burned about 200 acres of brush. >> terrifying moments for these folks, in missouri. take a look at this, they became stranded on the cab of that truck strouds dollars by floodwatersment now, fortunately, rescuers were able to reach them by boat and take them to safety. nobody was hurt. this area just south of kansas city has been crippled by heavy rain, and massive flooding. as we send it to ever katie, you know, quite a bit of rain headed our way, part of the same system? >> definitely getting in on very soaking rain. when you look at the radar, it doesn't look like it is that organized yet. but we do have rain certainly to track, coming in in more pockets, than anything. as we take a look at storm scan, more region wide zoom, not looking all the way back from missouri but see the leading edge of the rain currently working its way into the appalachians, will eventually head our way, at the moment, it is still looking like we definitely get doused by this. but mainly the southern half of the delaware valley that's going to bear the brunt of the
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heaviest rain, and the strongest thunderstorms. now, we still sit in marginal risk for severe storms, that's been downgraded much like it was the day before, from slight risk down to marginal. too much cloud cover. you just would need to see brighter skies, and have more instability, we definitely have instability, we're if the going to see the kind of severe weather, unfold as what had originally been a possibility. so granted, there could be very gusty thunderstorms that get embedded within anything that fires up, but primarily heaviest rain, strongest storms, will wait until early evening, 6:00, give or take, about the time frame when the heavy rain does begin to pick up. here comes the storm, riding in along the tail end every frontal boundery. notice where the bulk of the heaviest precipitation lies, this is model interpretation, but still good idea, primarily southern new jersey down through southern delaware, delmarva peninsula gets slammed, philly on the cusp of that, general two to 4-inch swat of bringing flooding rains with widespread heavy
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rain as we hit the late part of today. so that's definately going to be impacting your early weekend plans. i'm not quite sure how that will pan out whether it comes to the afternoon drive. i'm not the expert like pat is on that, but i would like to think a lot of russ trying to hit the road little earlier on a friday, so you might be able to avoid the worse of this, if you hit the road early, try to go hour or two early since it looks like the brunt of this, again, 6:00 give or take. outside relatively hazy shot f we see any, there you go, couple of headlights going through, see how there is little haze there? there are some poor visibility issues coming along with the morning, very moisture-rich air mass, light winds at the moment. so, watch for poor visibility here and there, not really widespread concern, at the shore, well, this is the not the casino every skyline you'll see at least for now, clouds certainly building pretty swiftly, rain does pick up toward evening, especially later tonight at the shore. meanwhile, we're out for summer fest at longwood gardens today. garden will get wonderful drink for sure, but looks like the rain will be picking up in time for the shows here.
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that said, don't let that deter you. we would love to see you out there this evening, go and say hi to lauren and the gang. but as the day progresses, does get a lot bert. so front loaded forecast for sure, then starts to heat up in a big way, as we look ahead to next weekend. pat right back up to zero nine come wednesday. >> all right, quick turn around, we will take, that hopefully decent weekend. this is a look at 95 going southbound, there is an accident that's blocking the left two lanes, as the camera pans out. finally some police activity right here. because they hadn't been there for quite a while. people were actually driving through this area between the two cars, so it is good that they're out there getting this mess cleaned up, so again, two left lanes block, 95 south, by tasker. this is some construction, columbus boulevard southbound between queen street and catherine, come off 95 make the right onto columbus boulevard. >> this will be in your way for the remainder of the day as they work on some water main, and sewer repair issues there. construction clear on the vine street expressway. traffic moving beautifully through the city of philadelphia. not so the gden state
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parkway northbound, between pleasantville and the atlantic city expressway. left lane block here, until about 5:30 or 6:00. they should be get that out of the way soon. then septa, some issues here, special lines being run, overhead wire construction saturday, sunday, check septa. org for more. jim, rahel, over to you. >> all right, pat, thank you. for new headlines from across our region. >> from the reading eagle data shows the drug prices in pennsylvania is deepening. the drug enforcement administration says that phentinol has surpassed heroin as the main culprit. the state's drug-related overdose deaths rate is up 37% >> and the burlington county times, advocate for the disable say that low pay for workers who are aiding those with disability is resulting in high turn-over and disruption for clients. the pay, $12 an hour, advocate say it is difficult to attract and retain qualified individuals.
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>> from the spirit of delaware county after nearly a two month long search, the chester upland school board has pick a new superintendent. and he's a familiar face. it is interim superintendent doctor juan vaughn. vaughn was chosen from a total of 20 applicant, some from as far as new mexico. >> congratulations to him. >> yes. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and, up next, we have the latest news from eagles training camp, that's coming up in your morning sports. >> also ahead an update on the beaches in new jersey, they're closed for high levels of bacteria in the water. stay with us, we're coming right
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>> can you pick up your dry cleaning, pat, later on while you're at that time. >> see what i can do, eagles training camp well underway, they continue at nova care, and we're getting our first look at some of the newest eagles addition. first day for for the full squad yesterday, including the birds, signing all-pro al sean jeffrey, new guy hook up with carson wentz for deep touchdown during practice, something we're hoping to see a lot of. wentz and coach dog peterson lovers what jeffrey bridges to the eagles nest. >> quiet competitor, you know, he gets ticked offer when he doesn't make a play or different things, but very quiet with it, but i really like it get to know him on the feel, and getting used to the way he gets in and out of breaks the way to get out of the ball. >> we don't have to necessarily be pinpoint accurate down the field when
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you have guys that can leap and high point balls all he can do that today. >> and another wide receiver attracting, jordan matthews back on the field after sitting out ota's, he won't say what his injury was or is, but head coach says masseuse has knee tendonitis. anyway, matthews was full participant at nova care yesterday. >> i count put a specific word on it, oh, well, i played with that before, you know, trust me, if i could be out here, and play, i would be out here playing, out here practicing, so that should never be a question, you know becomes me, when it comes it this game, always going to come out here and go to work. >> the phillies host the atlanta braves tonight, opening four game series in south philadelphia. jeremy hell he can son gets the start for the phils could be last audition for the july 31st trade deadline. fills involved in a good cause on their night off. phillies catcher cameron rupp
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teamed up with the pennsylvania spca hosting first ever rupppa are papa lewes a, philly phanatic out there enjoying joying country music, the phils hope this will become an annual funds rays err for the spca raising animal issues. >> summer fest today. we're spotlighting all of the things that make kennett square great. >> coming up i'll hit the greens at the kennett square golf and country club. i promise you, i did swing a club, we'll show you the next generation every great golfers summer fest continues on " eyewitness news" later today. from the food to the fountains at longwood gardens, we're spotlighting kennett square. join us, when ion "eyewitness news" beginning at 5:00. >> more young people getting into golf. >> it is an expensive sport. >> yes. >> but yes, there were ton of kids out there, maybe zero eight or so. something to do during their summer. >> pat gallen is there
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anything you can't do? today you've done traffic. you're done sports. >> you know what, i'm trying knitting. not so great at knitting. >> next idea for you. >> it's good for college, keeps the stress down. >> knitting story coming your way, you no that he? >> we'll see. >> coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news"; your cell phone provider giving the best coverage. >> we'll tell you which company was just named the best wireless carrier, in a live report from wall street. >> then the search is on for the suspect caught on camera, burglarizing a local mosque. now, we will show you more of the surveillance video in a live report. >> aftermath of deadly crash involving tennis star is her even a williams,
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and pat will be along in a minute. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today is friday, july 28th. >> serious blow to president trim's jen did a, the senate overnight, reject the so-called skinny healthcare bill. >> look how low that cloud deck s the rain will hit us. when it does it will come with a vengeance. >> investigators in ohio now want to know how this thrill ride passed inspection, just hours before the deadly accident. >> a night of fun turns soar during center city sips. >> we will be happy to take it >> the most let the leak ers know he's onto him. >> what the president and i would like to tell everyone a ve,


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